While Mag Bay is world famous for it’s fishing and surfing. I’ll let you in a little know secret that only a few, select, privileged individuals know. Mag Bay is a world class SUP environment. It has it all down winding, flat clearwater sight seeing, lagoon and estuary paddles, along with a dry launch to abundant and fun waves.
Down Winding: With only a 10 minute panga ride, you could be set up for an insane, 2 hour down wind session across the bay. With a panga waiting for you at the other with cold beers and a speedy return to the island for food and more drinks.


Lagoon and estuary: Straight out of a National Geographic video. The lagoon and estuary at Mag Bay is magical. You really have to experience it to understand the beauty, the wildness and the supreme uniqueness of this place. There are not a lot of places like this left on the planet to SUP. You pass miles of barren sand dunes, thick mangrove vegetation, isolated waterways with only the wind, water, fishes and spectacular views for company.


Waves: With a dry dock launch, the waves at Mag Bay are easily accessible. A quick paddle around the harbor and you have two options for waves. The first wave you come to is called “Restaurants”. It’s a bit steeper and quicker down the line than the other break “Cuevas”. But the those who know how to SUP a wave will be challenged and stoked at the same time. Plus waves can easily take you right back to the mouth of the harbor for a easy paddle in for some more beer. If you paddle a bit more, you’ll come to the second wave, “Cuevas”. It’s a SUP dream. Big, fat and long. This is serious fun.


Clear water sight seeing: Paddle out of the dry launch harbor and ease your self into leisurely SUP. Cruise your way alone the coast line. Looking at the abundant sea life and stark barren desert hills of Mag Bay. Both beginners and experts will marvel at the beauty and serenity. It’s a honor to be in such a magnificent place and to SUP it is a waterman’s dream. Now your sworn to secrecy, don’t tell anybody. But you must experience it for yourself.