Fly LAX to Loreto, B.C.S. México, then a van ride to Puerto San Carlos on Magdalena Bay. (extra cost for La Paz or Cabo San Lucas arrivals)

Ferry out to the Island Surf Camp for a full schedule of surfing, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, beach combing….relaxing.

On your last day a short van ride back to Loreto airport.




Day 1:
Depart airport for Puerto San Carlos in air-conditioned passenger vans.
Embark in San Carlos for Magdalena Island.


Day 1 through 7:
Drop your bags, then play hard, enjoy oustanding, fresh meals, and relax for the remainder of your stay on the island.



Last Day 8:
Depart camp in the early morning, then ferry back to Puerto San Carlos. Transfer to air-conditioned vans for the trip to the airport.

Special Itineraries: Some of our past guests have returned for stays shorter or longer than one week. These special itineraries can be arranged in advance, with an adjusted cost.

Extra Charges:
Airfare, all meals away from camp and any hotel rooms needed are extra charges to the client.

Extra costs while you’re in camp are:

Cold Liter of Purified Water      $2.50                   

Cold Canned Juices and Sodas    $2.50

Cerveza           $3.00

Iced Margaritas      $5.00

Iced Mixed Drinks  $5.00  

 Special fishing trips or other boat excursions at camp are extra. 

Surfboard and SUP rentals are available. 

Extra camp expenses must be paid in cash (dollars or pesos).

NOTA: absolutely no business, travelers or personal checks, or credit cards will be accepted in México by Mag Bay Tours.

If you are fishing a Mexican fishing license is needed, and is available online at http://sportfishingbcs.gob.mx and in some tackle shops in the U.S.

As with all international travel you are required to carry with you proof of citizenship, i.e., passport.

Minors must have notarized letter of permission from parent or guardian.

Check with your insurance company about proper coverage as well as TRAVEL INSURANCE

You will be confirmed on our schedule upon receipt of a nonrefundable 50% deposit.

The balance to be paid 90 days before departure. Note: absolutely no business, Travelers or personal checks, or credit cards will be accepted in Mexico by Mag Bay Tours.

Airline reservations can be made through your travel agent or with ALASKA AIRLINES.Each expedition has very limited availability!

Special dates and custom trips are available at any time!

In Mexico: 613-104-8932, en Español