Cool Groups

Crisp Waves

8 days, 7 Nights, 6 full water days!
Transfers, and all camp meals included
all spots only $1,996.00
Each expedition has very limited availability!

Surf Tour


“Mag Bay is by far the best all around surfing destination I have been to. There is a wonderful combination of factors that you have captured which makes Mag Bay such a special place. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to my return.”

– Brett D.

Trip Advisor

The surfing base camp operates from March to November and collects the South/Southwest swells.

  • Three right-hand point breaks; Cuevas, Campsites, and Betadines offer all the action you can handle.
  • The estuary mouth provides us with a sand bottom, beach break. We have Beginner Breaks too!
  • Mag Bay is an ideal location for any level of surfer.
  • World Class Surf, a very limited number of Surfers, No Waiting!


For Easy Travel – Board Rental:

  • $180 Weekly
  • $60 Daily Rate
  • $180 Damage Deposit.


  • Funboards
  • Hybrids
  • Longboards
  • SUPs ($280 Damage Deposit)

For our packing list, current swell, hurricane watch, and weather info and more…check out our

Summer Surf Camp features three right-hand point breaks with a swell exposure from 180 degrees to 220 degrees to catch the best of the Southern Hemi and Hurricane swells.

Located on the north end of Bahia Santa Maria the summer camp operates from March to November. Special trip dates and custom itineraries are available, just call!

Prevailing winds are offshore. Surf All Day!

The most consistent break is Cuevas. Even when there is “no surf ” you’ll get waves at Cuevas. We have never seen Cuevas closed out because the swell was too big, but, we have seen Cuevas so big that no-one was willing to surf it!

Campsites is our “bread and butter” break. Easier to access than Cuevas when the swell is big. Campsites is an easy paddle from the main structure.

Inside of Campsites is Bathtubs. This is a great place to teach the youngsters how to surf.

Don’t worry about a crowd, because there won’t be one.

Each expedition has very limited availability!

Special dates and custom trips are available at any time!

In Mexico: 613-104-8932, en Español