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 WHOA!! Anglers! Discover the amazing variety of fish Mag Bay has to offer! 

Don’t worry about a crowd, because there won’t be one. Each of our expeditions is limited to a small number of anglers!

Wilderness Expedition Fishing at it’s finest!

Mag Bay offers year ‘round opportunities for anglers with inshore fishing from our island base camp in our basic “no frills” pangas. Clients must bring their own rods reels and all tackle. Our bare bones pangas are for local fishing only within 6 miles from camp. $80 US each trip from shore + gasoline used charged at approx. $3.00 a liter (estimated at each return to shore).

Special fishing trips reserved ahead of time are available for going far offshore, deep sea fishing. Usually these outfitters provide all tackle. Prices per day vary but you would pay minimum of $650 for an offshore panga. $1000 for a Cape Horn 27′ and $1,750 for a Pro Cat 37′.

Bring your own boat, supplies, fuel and stay with us at a discount. Email us for details. 

Clients must bring Extra Cash for all boat rentals, board rentals, beverages, gratuities, in short, any extra expenses.    Note: absolutely no business checks, personal checks, or credit cards will be accepted by Mag Bay Tours in Mexico.

The red hot ticket to where the fish really are!

Custom fishing trips are available at any time!

In Mexico: 613-104-8932, en Español