Note: YES we accept credit card payments. Because we are a Mexican company we have to use a trusted third-party to process credit card payments, that third party is PayPal. Convenience charge for handling of your payment is included.

Please read this

Note: Do not send a credit card deposit payment unless you have Emailed our office at booking@magbaytours.com to confirm that we have space available.

  1. If you fail to confirm availability with our office before you submit your credit card deposit and we do not have space available for you, we cannot accept your payment.
  2. All deposits and payments to Mag Bay Tours are non-refundable. Please purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance.
  3. You must be 18 years of age or older to make a deposit.
  4. All deposits are 50% of the item cost.

By clicking the “ADD TO CART” button below you indicate that you understand and agree to the conditions above.

Ideal Tour, 5 hours and more!
$450 per panga

50% Deposit
$225.00 USD

Full Payment
$450.00 USD

Special Eco-Adventure Package – 3 Day, 2 Night

50% Deposit
$247.50 USD

Full Payment
$495.00 USD



Additional Items
Hotel Rooms, Transportation, Miscellaneous Payments

Hotel Brennan Double $65.00

Loreto Van
$250 (1-way)

Miscellaneous Payment ($1)